Build an Alien 2: Eclectic Bugaloo

Adaptations Roll 1d3, or as many as you like. For sentient beings (PCs in  particular) most of these should be thought of as minor, or vestigial, rather than as Mutant powers (use MCC powers for those). The aliens’ ancestors may have relied heavily on them, but now they have civilization and technology making their adaptations […]

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Build an Alien

There are a bunch of basic approaches to creating aliens, whether they are intended to be PCS, NPCs, or just critters: Bumpy Forehead, Calling A Rabbit a Smeerp, Bespoke Aliens, Bug-Eyed Monsters, Swiping. Bumpy Forehead Aliens If you’ve seen any SF television at all, you’ve seen these guys.  They’re humans, painted a different color and […]

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Enlisted and NCO Ranks

Here are the ranks for Enlisted and NCO for the various services that have them. Note that these don’t include any technical ranks (as the officers ranks don’t include warrant officers).  Maybe if I run a campaign where the characters are in active service I’ll get around  to adding them. The new rule is that […]

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Steps to Create a Character

Collecting the steps to create a new Space Crawl character for easy reference. Roll 3d6 in order, as Space-Crom intended, for Strength, Agility, Stamina, Personality, Intelligence, and Luck. Choose whether to be a human or an alien. If alien, choose from one the Judge has invented or invent your own by consulting Build an Alien, These Aliens […]

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Space Crawl Classes

A quick list of the current classes for Space Crawl, with links to the original posts. Troopers Engineers Scientists Pilots Navigators Espers Barbarians, Thieves Soldiers, Medics, Aliens, Scavengers Robots

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Mustering Out

Roll once per term of service, whether or not it was completed. If your career was Other, you get two rolls per term of service. Each School of Hard Knocks accumulated result allows one re-roll. You can spend luck on these rolls, but it’s not replenished even if you end up taking a class that […]

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