During character creation, you may attempt to join a service (or get drafted if you fail), see if you survive, get commissioned or promoted, gain skills and training, and then optionally reenlist. Each term of enlistment is four years. At the end of all your terms you muster out, still as a 0-level character, unless […]

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These Aliens Are Crazy!

The thing about alien psychology is in order for it to seem alien, a human with those traits would have to appear crazy to other humans. It may be full on bats in the attic crazy or slow burn crazy, but if it’s not then it’s just¬†more of the Roman playwright Terence’s dictum: I am […]

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Navigators possess a psychic power (or in settings without psychic powers, an innate ability) that allows them to grok the alien contours of hyperspace well enough to plot courses through it. In addition because of this abilities, Navigators can sometimes see a small way into the future as a series of branching paths, this makes […]

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Backgrounds describe the characters’ lives and circumstances before they begin their careers. ¬† If it’s a profession, it’s generally the parents’ profession. Skill rolls that you can justify having experience with based on your background use a d20, otherwise use a d10. Roll a d20 plus Luck mod for your starting background: Urchin – no […]

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