Hyperspace Encounter Chart

This is the long-awaited encounter chart mentioned in Hyperspace Encounters Roll 1d6 for the general type of the encounter, and then on the sub-chart. Hyperspace Creatures. Roll 1d6. Space Parasite (dangerous infiltrator of ships) Space Whale (large, possibly dangerous but not hostile) Polymorph (protean creature that feeds on fear) Kaiju (large hostile creature) Space Cows […]

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How Not To Be Seen (or shot)

A recap and slight elaboration on the various rules for hiding, plus rules for cover. Invisibility +10 AC if fully invisible, +7 AC  if partially (e.g. body is invisible, but wearing some clothes). [MCC page 52, Holographic Skin]  +2 to-hit [MCC page 124, Attack Modifiers, DCC page 78, same].  Interestingly, no mechanical effects of invisibility are defined […]

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More Dakka!

Some simple rules for firefights. The goal isn’t to turn Space Crawl into a tactical skirmish game as much as give an advantage in a firefight to those with an appropriate background (as well as explain how 0-level grunts can be effective enough to form the bulk of the military), without being monsters in personal […]

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So You Wanna Be an Alien?

There are three types of campaigns that allow for Alien PCs: Setting Specific Aliens (e.g. Star Trek, Traveller, Star Frontiers) where PCs all come from one of a handful of races defined in advance, such as Vulcans or Vargr. Alien Is Just Another Kind of Background (e.g. StarWars, Farscape) Despite possibly having many different physical […]

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Weapon Types

In addition to the weapon types listed under artifacts in Mutant Crawl Classics, there are the following new types. Figure that the stats are for the pistol version; the rifle version will do +1d damage, and +1 range level (short, medium, long), but get half as many shots from a power cell (other than Q-Unlimited […]

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Tech Levels

Stone Age. Muscle and animal power; tools that can be made by hand, requiring only general knowledge. Iron Age. Wind and water power; tools that must made by other tools and require specialized knowledge (smithing, masonry) Industrial Age. Steam power and internal combustion; tools that require multiple parts each by someone with specialized knowledge. Atomic […]

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Build an Alien 2: Eclectic Bugaloo

Adaptations Roll 1d3, or Judge chooses. For sentient beings (PCs in  particular) most of these should be thought of as minor, or vestigial, rather than as Mutant powers (use MCC powers for those). The aliens’ ancestors may have relied heavily on them, but now they have civilization and technology making their adaptations more of a […]

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Build an Alien

There are a bunch of basic approaches to creating aliens, whether they are intended to be PCS, NPCs, or just critters: Bumpy Forehead, Calling A Rabbit a Smeerp, Bespoke Aliens, Bug-Eyed Monsters, Swiping. Bumpy Forehead Aliens If you’ve seen any SF television at all, you’ve seen these guys.  They’re humans, painted a different color and […]

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Star Crawl is Out!

If you’re at all interested in the idea of playing DCC/MCC in Spaaaaaace! (and if you’re not, what on or off Earth are you doing here?) then you have to check out Jonathan Snodgrass’s Star Crawl.  I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I had to rename this blog to avoid confusion between the […]

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