Enlisted and NCO Ranks

Here are the ranks for Enlisted and NCO for the various services that have them. Note that these don’t include any technical ranks (as the officers ranks don’t include warrant officers).  Maybe if I run a campaign where the characters are in active service I’ll get around  to adding them.

The new rule is that you roll for promotion even on terms of service where you didn’t succeed in getting a commission, and if you get promoted you go up in the enlisted ranks instead.  Once you get a commission (or get promoted past the top of the enlisted/NCO ranks) you become a Rank 1 officer in your service, skipping the rest of the enlisted ranks. You may refuse the commission if you don’t want to lose your progress (and the benefits on the Mustering Out rolls).

Rank Army Navy Marines Merchant Police
1 Private Spaceman Apprentice Private Spaceman Apprentice Recruit
2 Private Spaceman Recruit Private First Class Ordinary Spaceman Cadet
3 Private First Class Spaceman Lance Corporal Able Spaceman Constable/Officer
4 Corporal Petty Officer Third Class Corporal Petty Officer 3d Senior Officer
5 Sergeant PO Second Class Sergeant PO 2d Detective
6 Staff Sergeant PO First Class Staff Sergeant PO 1st Corporal
7 Sergeant First Class Chief Petty Officer Gunnery Sergeant Chief Petty Officer Sergeant
8 Master Sergeant Senior CPO Master Sergeant Senior CPO Senior Sergeant
9 Sergeant Major Master CPO Master Gunnery Sergeant Master CPO            –

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