Weapon Types

In addition to the weapon types listed under artifacts in Mutant Crawl Classics, there are the following new types. Figure that the stats are for the pistol version; the rifle version will do +1d damage, and +1 range level (short, medium, long), but get half as many shots from a power cell (other than Q-Unlimited of course).


Tech Level: 4 Complexity Modifier: 4
Range: ShortDamage:1d6
Power: Clips (10 shots, each of 10 needles)

Needlers fire tiny ceramic or metal darts at high velocity. They are designed specifically for use aboard space craft and habitats; because of their very low penetration they are effective against flesh, but will almost never damage equipment or cause fires or breach a hull. Armor bonuses are doubled against them (e.g. a +2 bonus from Jack becomes +4, a +8 from Battle Dress becomes +16!), and unlike other guns, they do not ignore armor of a lower TL (though that doesn’t get double bonus) , but they never have to roll on a miss to see if they damage equipment. Nearly silent.


Tech Level: 4 Complexity Modifier: 4
Range: MediumDamage: 3d6, or 1d6 at each of up to 3 adjacent targets, rolled separately
Power: C-Cell (10 max), F-Cell (20 max), Q-Cell (U)

Blasters are the workhorse energy weapon of the far future.  Fires bolts of plasma that are devastating to flesh and machinery alike. Blasters can fire at a single target for full damage, or spread their dice among adjacent targets (max one die per).


Tech Level: 4 Complexity Modifier : 4
Range: Short Damage: 1d3 each round until a 1 is rolled.
Power: C-Cell (10 max), F-Cell (20 max), Q-Cell (U)

Fires an intense heat beam that sets targets ablaze. Ignores armor when rolling to hit, instead the armor bonus is subtracted from the damage. The target will remain ablaze taking damage each round until either a 1 is rolled on the damage die or the fire is extinguished by some external action. If a 3 or more is rolled on the damage die, the fire spreads, and the damage die gets +1d.


Tech Level: 4 Complexity Modifier : 4
Range: Short Damage: Runs around randomly flailing and howling in agony until Fort save is passed. Starts at 15 and decreases by 1 per round, but inflicts 1 pt Stamina damage per round
Power: C-Cell (10 max), F-Cell (20 max), Q-Cell (U)

Fires a beam of energy that causes nerves to fire randomly and agonizingly; effective against any creature with nerves (all organic creatures unless Judge rules otherwise). The target must make a DC 15 Fortitude save each round, or take 1 Stamina damage (temporary) and run around randomly screaming; each round after the first the DC for the save goes down by one (but the Fort save might be lower because of the Stamina loss, apply at the end of each round after the save is failed. Successful medical treatment with anti-pain medication will end the effect instantly (same DC as the effect, but must roll twice and take the worse roll unless the subject is first immobilized).


Tech Level: 5 Complexity Modifier : 4
Range: Short Damage: Target attracts all objects including PCs and NPCs within 5′ with 1G attraction; anything not braced will fall on the target, taking and giving damage. Effect lasts 1d6 rounds
Power: C-Cell (10 max), F-Cell (20 max), Q-Cell (U)

The grazer fires a gravitic anomaly that causes a gravity fields that attracts with 1 G out to 10 feet, falling off to 1/4 G at 20 ft, etc. This causes objects to fall onto the target, doing 1 point for small (half man-sized) objects, 1d3 for man-sized objects, 1d4 for objects up to double man-sized, etc. to both the target and the object. The objects will stay attached until the effect wears off after 1d6 rounds. For simplicity figure that only objects within 10 feet will overcome friction enough to fall all the way to the “bottom” where the target is, and there will be 1d6 small, 1d3 medium, and 1 large object in that area unless it’s already been established or the Judge rules otherwise. The gravitic anomaly will travel with the target until the effect wears off, if that matters.

SF Weapons images from  http://justinmezzell.com/#/epic-armory/ 

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