Hyperspace Encounter Chart

This is the long-awaited encounter chart mentioned in Hyperspace Encounters

Roll 1d6 for the general type of the encounter, and then on the sub-chart.

  1. Hyperspace Creatures. Roll 1d6.
    1. Space Parasite (dangerous infiltrator of ships)alien
    2. Space Whale (large, possibly dangerous but not hostile)Space-whale
    3. Polymorph (protean creature that feeds on fear)polymorph.jpg
    4. Kaiju (large hostile creature)ghidorah
    5. Space Cows (or other relatively harmless critters, possibly domesticated)spacecow.jpg
    6. Other
  2. Hyperspace Natives. Intelligent races native to the Hyperspace. Roll 1d8
    1. Spider Lords (evil slave-taking merchant race)lost2bin2bspace2bspider2b1
    2. Space Mummies (former slave race, now savage plunderers)
    3. Space Vampires (far from any sun, they have grown old, powerful, and possibly crazy)vampire1980
    4. Squid Lords (psychic mind-suckers)illithid01
    5. Space Gophers (nuisances, mostly harmless, extremely lucky)gopher-sword
    6. Space Wizards (beyond mortal ken, pursuing knowledge and less comprehensible goals, wielding technologies and psychic abilities far above those of the setting. Usually solitary or in a small group temporarily pursuing a common aim.)934e6973b2fd4608c68afee1be7d71fc
    7. Space Doppelgangers (shape-shifters who will attempt to pass as members of a friendly species, who may be pursuing sinister ends or be driven by dangerous biological imperatives)species
    8. Other (Judge makes something up)
  3. Hyperspace Travelers: another ship or convoy from ordinary space, passing through to their final destination, or perhaps a derelict vessel. Roll 2d8 on the Reaction Table, since travelers usually have enough to worry about when traversing the Astral Plane without looking for trouble from other Astral Travelers. roll 1d16:
    1. Space Orcsklingons
    2. Space Elvesvulcan
    3. Space Cats red_dwarf_cat
    4. Space Dogsvargr
    5. Robots98860bdbbc7d8011259f4684c9da4357
    6. Space Men (Humans, or at least a local race)filler-art
    7. Space Chimpsplanetoftheapes
    8. Neutron Dwarves (as Dwarves)marvin-the-martian-ray-gun-3d-printing-29242
    9. Other Aliens (unknown or rare alien race)valerian-alien
    10. Space Weirdo (singleton entity on a mission)inquisitor
    11. Rogue AI (non-signatory to the treaty, either out of disagreement with it or from a far-off place that wasn’t involved)hal9000
    12. Space Hippies (Utopian fanatics, possibly harmless, possibly deluded or dangerous)220px-star_trek_space_hippies
    13. Space Lawyer (charging you with crimes you might not even understand, let alone have committed)Q
    14. Pigs in Space (Other uplifted animals)pigsinspace
    15. Space Merchant (has he got a deal for you…)harrymudd
    16. Space Vikings (primitives flying stolen barely understood tech)
  4. Hyperspace Pirates: another ship or fleet from ordinary space, searching for victims. Roll 2d3 on the Reaction Table, since pirates generally are looking for trouble unless you look too dangerous.harlock.jpg
  5. Mindless Ones (as stone golems, with face-beam as a fire dragon breath), at least d100 of them, endlessly fighting each otherā€¦ until they spot you.mindless
  6. Other. Roll 1d8.
    1. Sentient CloudSix images that combine Chandra data with those from other telescopes.
    2. Sentient PlanetEgoplanet-0
    3. Cosmic Entity (singleton named entity, or its minions)dormammu
    4. Elder Thingselderthings
    5. Mi-Gomi-go
    6. GodlingGothos
    7. Unusual Structureknowhere-built-inside-the-head-of-a-celestial
    8. Other

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