Tech Levels

  1. Stone Age. Muscle and animal power; tools that can be made by hand, requiring only general knowledge.
  2. Iron Age. Wind and water power; tools that must made by other tools and require specialized knowledge (smithing, masonry)
  3. Industrial Age. Steam power and internal combustion; tools that require multiple parts each by someone with specialized knowledge.
  4. Atomic Age.  Atomic and solar power; tools that can only be made a whole web of specialized industry.
  5. Diamond Age. Fusion power; tools that can only be made with the aid of nano-technology.
  6. Bricolage. Exotic Power sources (matter-antimatter, hyper-space taps); tools that can only be made with the aid of force-fields and exotic states of matter.
  7.  M-age. Inter-planar power sources and tools indistinguishable from magic.

I wanted tech levels for planets in Space Crawl to be compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics, but I can’t seem to find a description of the various tech-levels that it uses, even though each artifact has a tech level that’s used in making artifact checks.  So I created the above that more-or-less matches the MCC example tech.   There are fewer levels than in, say, Traveller, but in general DCC/MCC seem to prefer fewer, larger divisions for things like character levels.  It makes them easier to work with without having to look up the distinctions every time you want to guesstimate something.

One thought on “Tech Levels

  1. Thanks for this I also did not find an explanation of Tech Levels in the MCC rulebook, but you can find some examples in associated modules that seem to align to your descriptions pretty well. For example in Warlords of Atoz: Cadmium Rifle: TL 3 (a 20th century-style rifle modified to shoot radiation-dealing explosive bullets) and Mask of ATOZ: TL 1 (which in its description is Iron).


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