How Not To Be Seen (or shot)

A recap and slight elaboration on the various rules for hiding, plus rules for cover. Invisibility +10 AC if fully invisible, +7 AC  if partially (e.g. body is invisible, but wearing some clothes). [MCC page 52, Holographic Skin]  +2 to-hit [MCC page 124, Attack Modifiers, DCC page 78, same].  Interestingly, no mechanical effects of invisibility are defined […]

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More Dakka!

Some simple rules for firefights. The goal isn’t to turn Space Crawl into a tactical skirmish game as much as give an advantage in a firefight to those with an appropriate background (as well as explain how 0-level grunts can be effective enough to form the bulk of the military), without being monsters in personal […]

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Weapon Types

In addition to the weapon types listed under artifacts in Mutant Crawl Classics, there are the following new types. Figure that the stats are for the pistol version; the rifle version will do +1d damage, and +1 range level (short, medium, long), but get half as many shots from a power cell (other than Q-Unlimited […]

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Tech Levels

Stone Age. Muscle and animal power; tools that can be made by hand, requiring only general knowledge. Iron Age. Wind and water power; tools that must made by other tools and require specialized knowledge (smithing, masonry) Industrial Age. Steam power and internal combustion; tools that require multiple parts each by someone with specialized knowledge. Atomic […]

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Playtesting and Updates

As we playtest Space Crawl, I’ve been making updates and clarifications to the rules; those are going in the original posts in order to keep everything together.  I’ve made several changes to the character generation rules, to clear up confusion and make sure that none of the services amount to a booby-prize.

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Alien Names

The simplest thing if you need a quick alien name is to use and you’re bad at making it up off the top of your head is to use the Alien Name Generator at  The second simplest thing is to buy a set of four 30-sided dice with the letters of the English alphabet on […]

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DCC in Spaaaaaace!

I’ve been on a space-SF kick lately, and really have a hankering to run a star-faring space RPG, but having trouble deciding what system to use.  Over the years I’ve tried a bunch, and even written one (Zap!) but none of them seem like they’d really scratch my current itch.  Zap!, while I’m still quite […]

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