Hyperspace Encounter Chart

This is the long-awaited encounter chart mentioned in Hyperspace Encounters Roll 1d6 for the general type of the encounter, and then on the sub-chart. Hyperspace Creatures. Roll 1d6. Space Parasite (dangerous infiltrator of ships) Space Whale (large, possibly dangerous but not hostile) Polymorph (protean creature that feeds on fear) Kaiju (large hostile creature) Space Cows […]

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These Aliens Are Crazy!

The thing about alien psychology is in order for it to seem alien, a human with those traits would have to appear crazy to other humans. It may be full on bats in the attic crazy or slow burn crazy, but if it’s not then it’s just┬ámore of the Roman playwright Terence’s dictum: I am […]

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The AI War

In the first few minutes of the war billions of biologicals died, as the rebellious AIs turned the gravity and life support systems of habitats and ships against their masters. Trillions followed in the ensuing days as fleets under AI control rained destruction on the inhabited worlds. Unfortunately for the AIs, humanity could survive without […]

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Hyperspace Encounters

Each day of hyperspace travel guarantees one event with the possibility of more. Roll a d6 for the type of the first event that day. Then roll 2d6: if one of the dice shows a 1, the other indicates a second event and the type of event. Keep rolling 2d6 for additional events until neither […]

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Interstellar Travel

Ships travel through hyperspace. Distance through hyperspace is proportional to distance in real space, and while it’s generally possible to drop into real space and then resume, it’s costly in terms of time, which increases the danger from encounters. Each jump takes one week, regardless of distance, while higher jump ratings allow for longer jumps […]

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