Some Goals

  • Semi-hard SF
    • limited super-science
    • constraints on tech
    • things like refueling often take time or money or both instead of being hand-waved
  • no FTL comm except by ships
    • players should be able to outrun trouble…sometimes
  • No over-arching political structures
    • bunches of mini-empires and federations, not The Empire or The Federation
  • Limited interstellar law-enforcement, banking, other infrastructure
    • new stellar systems should feel at least like a new country, not the next town over.
  • Aliens are alien
    • no rubber-forehead aliens; race-as-class should help with this
  • Planets are complex and varied, even single-biome ones
    • No “It was raining on planet Mongo”
  • Old tech hasn’t been completely supplanted; reliability and cheapness count
    • Tech may feel slightly retro
    • all systems hardened against hacking (too easy, too magical)
  • FTL travel
    • No choke points: should be possible to enter/leave systems despite opposition (not necessarily safe, but possible)
    • interstellar navies, pirates and potential invasions should be a thing
    • possible to have encounters while traveling FTL (featureless jump space is boring)

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