MCC Classes in Space Crawl

Continuing the adaptation of existing classes into Space Crawl: Sentinels – no reason not to allow them as an alternate type of warrior.  Drop the AI Recognition rolls (from all the classes).  Artifact checks only apply if the Sentinel is from a primitive planet background, in which case the Sentinel can use it to try […]

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DCC Classes in Space Crawl

Rather than reinventing the wheel, it seems best to just reuse the DCC classes for Space Crawl where appropriate, perhaps lightly re-skinning them to make them fit an SF setting. Warriors – any sort of soldier, marine, ship’s gunner, space ranger, etc. that doesn’t rely on high tech powered armor like a Trooper does.  Also, […]

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Mind Games seems like a good place to start, though I may add a variant of the Psychic knight from Crawljammer #3.

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The AI War

In the first few minutes of the war billions of biologicals died, as the rebellious AIs turned the gravity and life support systems of habitats and ships against their masters. Trillions followed in the ensuing days as fleets under AI control rained destruction on the inhabited worlds. Unfortunately for the AIs, humanity could survive without […]

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Space Crawl

I’ve renamed this site/hack to Space Crawl, to avoid confusion with Jon Snodgrass’ Star Crawl, which he’s apparently been working on for a while.  He’s even running it this week at GenCon.

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Navigators possess a psychic power (or in settings without psychic powers, an innate ability) that allows them to grok the alien contours of hyperspace well enough to plot courses through it. In addition because of this abilities, Navigators can sometimes see a small way into the future as a series of branching paths, this makes […]

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Hyperspace Encounters

Each day of hyperspace travel guarantees one event with the possibility of more.  Roll a d6 for the type of the first event that day. Then roll 2d6: if one of the dice shows a 1, the other indicates a second event and the type of event.  Keep rolling 2d6 for additional events until neither comes […]

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