Playtesting and Updates

As we playtest Space Crawl, I’ve been making updates and clarifications to the rules; those are going in the original posts in order to keep everything together.  I’ve made several changes to the character generation rules, to clear up confusion and make sure that none of the services amount to a booby-prize.

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Space Crawl Classes

A quick list of the current classes for Space Crawl, with links to the original posts. Troopers Engineers Scientists Pilots Navigators Espers Barbarians, Thieves Soldiers, Medics, Aliens, Scavengers Robots

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Mustering Out

Roll once per term of service, whether or not it was completed. If your career was Other, you get two rolls per term of service. Each School of Hard Knocks accumulated result allows one re-roll. You can spend luck on these rolls, but it’s not replenished even if you end up taking a class that […]

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Career Experiences

During the character’s term of enlistment, the character gains life experiences that serve as further background, allowing a d20 skill roll instead of d10 when it can be justified as being something the character would have become skilled at due to the background. (This is standard DCC way of handling “skills”). Roll once on the […]

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Officer Ranks

Navy Marines Army Merchants Crime Science 1 Ensign Lt Lt Ensign Soldier Lecturer 2 Lt Captain Captain Officer Lt Sr. Lecturer 3 Lt Cmdr Major Major Bridge Officer Consigliere Professor 4 Cmdr Lt Colonel Lt Colonel First Officer Underboss Chair 5 Captain Colonel Colonel Captain Boss Dean 6 Admiral Brigadier General General Owner Godfather Chancellor […]

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During character creation, you may attempt to join a service (or get drafted if you fail), see if you survive, get commissioned or promoted, gain skills and training, and then optionally reenlist. Each term of enlistment is four years. At the end of all your terms you muster out, still as a 0-level character, unless […]

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Alien Names

The simplest thing if you need a quick alien name is to use and you’re bad at making it up off the top of your head is to use the Alien Name Generator at  The second simplest thing is to buy a set of four 30-sided dice with the letters of the English alphabet on […]

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