How Not To Be Seen (or shot)

A recap and slight elaboration on the various rules for hiding, plus rules for cover. Invisibility +10 AC if fully invisible, +7 AC  if partially (e.g. body is invisible, but wearing some clothes). [MCC page 52, Holographic Skin]  +2 to-hit [MCC page 124, Attack Modifiers, DCC page 78, same].  Interestingly, no mechanical effects of invisibility are defined […]

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More Dakka!

Some simple rules for firefights. The goal isn’t to turn Space Crawl into a tactical skirmish game as much as give an advantage in a firefight to those with an appropriate background (as well as explain how 0-level grunts can be effective enough to form the bulk of the military), without being monsters in personal […]

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During character creation, you may attempt to join a service (or get drafted if you fail), see if you survive, get commissioned or promoted, gain skills and training, and then optionally reenlist. Each term of enlistment is four years. At the end of all your terms you muster out, still as a 0-level character, unless […]

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Mind Games seems like a good place to start, though I may add a variant of the Psychic knight from Crawljammer #3.

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Hyperspace Encounters

Each day of hyperspace travel guarantees one event with the possibility of more. Roll a d6 for the type of the first event that day. Then roll 2d6: if one of the dice shows a 1, the other indicates a second event and the type of event. Keep rolling 2d6 for additional events until neither […]

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Interstellar Travel

Ships travel through hyperspace. Distance through hyperspace is proportional to distance in real space, and while it’s generally possible to drop into real space and then resume, it’s costly in terms of time, which increases the danger from encounters. Each jump takes one week, regardless of distance, while higher jump ratings allow for longer jumps […]

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Mental Corruption

Mental Corruption charts for Scientists and others exposed to things Man Was Not Meant to Know, such as prolonged exposure to hyper-space. Roll 1d10 modified by Sanity mods; may burn a point of Luck after roll to negate effect. Minor Mental Corruption Paranoia strikes deep. You become convinced your companions are out to steal your ideas: […]

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